Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 2: The Number of Poems Equals out to. . .

So I deleted this post because I thought is was too pissy, well might as well post i here since no one is going to read it:

"Went through all of Duotrope, then New Pages, then Duotrope again. Set a budget and suggested time frame to create and/or retool a poetry mss. The plan is set. 

My head in my hands. 400+ poems to sort through (311 typed, 100 written). 31 published poems to debate internally. Would this poem be inclusive or intrusive? 60 +/- 10 pages for optimal poetry mss. 

To the person who asked about process (you know who you are), the first step is stubbing your toe in the dark while trying to find the bathroom to relieve constipation; meanwhile, the fan whirring above just disperses the lack of smell."

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