Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 118: One Month Left

One month left until I promised myself I'll send a collection out to publications.  But I think not having a title would put a damper on any plans to send out.  Well, not really.

Recently, I had two really great editors look over my work and give me feedback.  Both gave me excellent directions on what to do.

Start from semi-scratch.

Not from complete scratch, just semi-scratch:  rethink the collection in terms of overall and the micro -- you know work on the collection.

In the meantime, there has been one constant question that has been asked -- overtly or subtly -- by my editors.

Can you state your collection in one simple sentence?

My response was:

"A generational exploration of fathers and sons who either overly-commit or are non-committal which leads to the same results: a spiritual, physical, and mental loneliness, yuugen"

Not as simple I suppose, but it's something.  

I decided to put my analysis blog on hiatus so I can work on my collection and get as far as I can.  I need to comb over every poem as though I'm analyzing it and make sure that these are the poems I want to fail with.

No time for success, acclaim is a distraction, learning from failure is coming.

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