Sunday, April 5, 2015

Four: The Self-Fulfilling Retail Prophecy Part 1

One day I decided to myself -- I think I can do a Poetry Summer Camp.

In the winter of 2012, I taught at summer camps for at least 3 months. And all throughout Poetry Center San Jose, there were calls to have a summer camp for kids.  I volunteered myself to set it up for Summer 2013.

I'm educated, but I'm not smart -- at all.

Things I learned:

1) Doing a summer camp for kids wrong and based under a grant could go horribly wrong.  If they audit the accounts and not all the papers check out -- that's some child endangerment.

2) It's so much easier to be a teacher of a summer camp than to actually set things up -- here are somethings that need to be taken into account:
      a) insurance
      b) pricing
      c) marketing
      e) data entry
      f) parent communication
      g) student communication
      h) management communication

side note about the above: yeah, I'm not the strongest person to do these tasks.  I did have some help which I am grateful for, but, yeah, for someone who had a part-time job and had to pick up the slack if something didn't get done -- there were many sleepless nights.

3)  I was happier when it finished then actually going through with it.  Sure the kids might have learned some poetry and express themselves, and something was right in the community, and the event was appreciated by many.  But, well, I'll say it wasn't worth it.

Financially speaking.

I think the "profit" we made was $1000 dollars.  Remember, I wrote I volunteered, so all the months of planning brought success, but $1000 dollars going towards Poetry Center San Jose wasn't really cost effective.

So this is why I didn't want to set up the summer camp for 2014 -- it wasn't cost effective for Poetry Center San Jose, but more importantly (and selfishly) it wasn't cost effective for me.  I asked for 2,000 to set up the 2014 one knowing that Poetry Center San Jose couldn't afford it.

But, Darrell, it's not in the budget.

I know, I know.  Poetry and Poetry events are never in the budget.  

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