Sunday, April 5, 2015

One: My Parents Don't Know About My Published Work

My family does know I write poetry though.  They know I graduated from college with a degree in poetry and that, now, I have a job.

My father's favorite poem is "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe.  He was supposed to recite the poem and his wedding ceremony but backed out last minute.  I only showed him one poem.  He asked me why it didn't rhyme.

My mother reads mystery/romance novels.  Her library is full of JD Robb and Nora Roberts.  Before she goes to bed at night, she'll read about solving mysteries. I once showed her a story of mine and she told me she didn't like it because it didn't have a happy ending.

My parents enjoy reading for enjoyment purposes.

And my work doesn't fulfill that for them.  So every time I get published, I'm actually shocked that someone finds enjoyment or something in my work to put their magazine name behind and show it to an audience since, I'm pretty sure, my parents never had.

In my room, I have a small stack of physical magazines with my poems in them.  In my mind, I want to send them out to my Dad who lives in Hawaii or have my mom read them, but again, my work is not for their enjoyment.

When I graduated with my MFA, I had two graduations -- one with my fellow MFA cohort and the bigger department graduation.  I showed up alone and recited some of my work.  I invited my family for the bigger graduation.  In this way, I'm the most distant from them.  In this way, I can write about them.

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