Monday, April 13, 2015

Thirteen: 3

I tier my poems:

Tier 3: Garbage

Tier 2: Decent Garbage

Tier 1: Garbage I'm going to send out to be rejected.

I haven't had time to thoroughly pick out what poems I want to send out this Wednesday (yes, every 15th [approx] I send out my work).  I work now, but I try to find time for poetry.  I went to Noodles and Co for lunch and took out a manila folder of Tier 3 poems.

Tier 3.

What I'm most comfortable with in my life is my lack of confidence.  I don't think I can make it so I have nothing to lose mentality.

Garbage has nothing to lose -- it's already discards.

Once, a friend of mine said we're community college garbage.  Except for the community college part, I'm pretty garbage.

I can't think of a redeeming metaphor without it being cliche.

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