Sunday, April 5, 2015

Three: Crap, People Actually Read My Poetry Analysis Blog

When I think about my poetry analysis blog, I think about this song:

The Killers "Mr. Brightside" -- it was supposed to something simple and something entertaining for me.  It started out me reading a bunch of poems, analyze the ones that I think are interesting, write about it on why it interests me, and then write a blog about it and then good times.

The first couple months of my blog I only got like 100 views a month.  I was so happy with that because I was getting picked up by spam bots.  But then it turned out to get bigger and bigger and now -- well -- I think I wrote a blog post on how big it is now.

I've been re-tweeted by poets.  I've been corrected by poets.  The majority of the response to my blog is positive.

This is why I haven't updated my blog -- I've been thinking about deleting it.

I appreciate all the support and new friendships I made with my blog, don't get me wrong.  But I don't  want my blog posts, which only takes forty-five minutes to write, to be taken as credible scholarly readings of poems -- or rather, not be taken too seriously.

If I keep on the track, then perhaps my analysis could be relevant to the community, but that's what I fear the most.  Instead of just my random blurts and thoughts on poetry, I'm afraid that either:

a) People will take it too seriously and quote it in their essays (and not in the ironic sense)
b) That my blurts and thoughts  would be "the analysis" for some people and just take my word for it.

No, please don't take my word for it.  I'm not Levar Burton.

So what do I want from my blog then -- I wouldn't have made it public unless I wanted something, right?

I want people to read poetry and write their thoughts on it.  Yes,  I know your poem got published, congrataz, and, yes, I know you're doing great things for the poetry community -- it's sorely needed.  But I rarely see people talk about poetry.

Or maybe it's me and I'm not seeing it.

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