Sunday, April 12, 2015

Twelve: Overstaying

7:00 p.m:  Hey, do you want to stay for dinner?  Sure.
1:00 a.m:  It might be time for you to go.  Oh, sure.

I'm usually one to last one to leave when invited.  I still live at home, I stayed at the same college many years afterwords -- took the same professors.  I stayed at jobs for years.  I'm mostly standing still.

I have no sense of leaving.

I feel I'm writing about the same things, reliving the same experiences, but never learning from them.  Shouldn't cognitive dissonance be manageable if it is stable?

But this is about poetry.  I wonder when I'll overstay in poetry?

Some times I think I already have.  But then I wonder what I should move on to -- writing non-fiction blogs about poetry.  Yup.  Moved on.

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