Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Twenty-One: Intermission (A thought on productivity)

I'm a person of routine.  It's not something I just figured out, but it's something I haven't fully implemented.

At work yesterday, I thought that I need to make the following:
Daily Goals
Weekly Goals
Monthly Goals
Yearly Goals

But I worry that such restrictions will debilitate my ability to break through.  Currently though my routine is follows: sleep, wake, work, internet, sleep, repeat.  Yes, there's some variation with the sleep with sleep, wake, sleep, internet, sleep, repeat, but I think that I could possibly replace one of the sleeps with something else.

At work yesterday, I tried writing a poem during my lunch break.  

I was at Jollyman park with an old laptop writing in my car.  I got tired and went to take a nap.  At work they know I take a nap during my lunch break and tell me "must've had a good nap."

I'm thinking about poetry before work and at work sometimes.  Today, I have to sub again for a 5-6 public speaking class.  This will be the third time in a row.

There are no poems that could reach a crying five year old.  

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